It is an anti-inflammatory drug, belonging to the group of drugs called corticosteroids, for use on the skin, which reduces inflammation and allergic skin reactions. It reduces redness and discomfort such as itching, burning sensation and pain.
Menaderm Simple should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless your doctor considers it clearly necessary weighing the benefits against the risks. Women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy, or while breastfeeding should not use Menaderm Simple cream over large areas, for prolonged periods of time or with occlusive dressing.
Adults: One or two applications on the skin per day. In general, treatment should not exceed two weeks. If you are using the medicine for a facial condition, the treatment should be as short as possible.
The treatment of overdose is symptomatic. Acute symptoms of corticosteroid overuse are usually reversible. In cases of chronic toxicity, it is advisable that corticosteroids be withdrawn gradually.

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Side effectsSystemic side effects are rare. Their accentuation may be more frequent due to occlusive therapy or when extensive cutaneous areas are treated with high doses and for prolonged periods of time. In these cases, these are classic alterations of corticotherapy, mild and reversible. Locally there may be a burning sensation, irritation, skin dryness, folliculitis, acne eruptions, hypertrichosis, hypopigmentation and skin atrophy.
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Another disadvantage of corticosteroids is the early reappearance of lesions and the rebound effect (reappearance of lesions with greater intensity) when they are discontinued. To reduce the possibility of this happening, when we stop using them we should do so gradually.
On the other hand, their continued use can cause a loss of effectiveness, as if the skin becomes accustomed to the treatment. This phenomenon can be avoided by not exceeding 4 weeks of treatment without interruption or by using the treatment intermittently, alternating periods of application and periods of rest.

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What’s up PGB:Mmm, that’s interesting.what’s so amazing about Menaderm, is that today I’ve been climbing and I have great 5 days I’m like new :).how much recovery time do you get with Sebamed?salu2
Hello everyone…I can attest to the Aloe vera, one of my brothers suffered burns on 70% of his body and honestly with these natural creams it is better than with nothing…it regenerates the skin very quickly…yes, his skin is not as good as before, unfortunately, but it regained its elasticity and function.
Hi, I am now using the simple menaderm and it has been quite good because I had an intoxication from something I ate, and my body was very itchy and it has calmed the itching in my skin. Anyway, I will also try the aloe vera.
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