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The success of this supermarket can be explained by different factors, among which we can highlight the high quality of its products and its good price, the fact of having its own brands (Deliplus, Hacendado…) as other competing supermarkets, such as Carrefour with the brand that bears the same name or Lidl with Cien, the fact of launching new products to the market continuously according to the needs of its users and the fact of launching innovative products that no one else has.
In addition to the eyeshadows in powder version, Mercadona has also incorporated its own version of eyeshadow in stick format, a format that allows us to give more power to our look and is also perfect for travel or to carry it with us in case we have to touch up at any time.
These shadows can be found in 6 different shades: black, gray, vibrant blue (a lighter shade), deep blue (a darker shade), brown and green. Each shadow is priced at 4,25€ and are long lasting. Access a shade of the product here.

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Mercadona Lo ha conseguido una vez más. La parte de perfumería de la conocida cadena de tiendas de alimentación ya tiene un nuevo éxito entre sus armarios. Si hace apenas unas semanas, la agencia presidida por Juan Roig, sorprendía con un suculento número de máscara de pestañas. Ahora, vuelve a provocar el placer junto a su nuevo lanzamiento denominado: ¡Oh, My Look! Bajo ese nombre se encuentra la nueva línea de maquillaje ideada y pensada por su carismática y reconocida agencia de magnificencia, Deliplus.
Este nuevo surtido de maquillaje, orientado al buen clima, tiene como eje central el rostro y, particularmente, los ojos. En concreto, se busca conseguir una piel limpia y excelente y, además, dar cuerpo a la mirada trabajando las cejas, las pestañas y dando un contacto de luminosidad a los párpados, con un pequeño número de sombras de ojos. Para conseguir este impacto, la nueva línea en versión restringida se compone de 5 productos clave.

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Don’t let dark circles dominate your eyes. Put solution with cheap but effective eye contours like the one from Mercadona and other creams you can get in supermarkets.Click on the image to discover the best cheap eye contours you can get in pharmacies, the perfect alternative to supermarket anti-dark circles creams. / gettySONIA GÓMEZ
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The frequent use of face masks, also to nourish the hair, has been introduced in the basic beauty routines. Tonics to cleanse the skin before going to sleep or anti-aging creams to repair the skin. These are some of the most demanded products – besides flour – on the shelves of Mercadona, a supermarket that has surprisingly managed to make a name for itself in the competitive world of beauty and cosmetics.
It doesn’t even have a brand name. It’s called what it promises, Instant Bag and Dark Circle Reducer, and it really works. It contains five little bottles at one euro each that give a «shot» of vitamins to this difficult area of the face, to achieve in two minutes the effect of a good face.
There are many brands that bet on flash effect bottles for the eye contour, in fact it is one of the most demanded products on the market as well as the dark circles. The reason is simple, the eye contour is where fatigue is most marked and where more wrinkles appear, so finding a good product to treat the area is vital for both men and women of any age.

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