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The secretary general of UGT, Pepe Alvarez, claims the Government the promised rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) or threatens to break the social dialogue. In his opinion, it is necessary to advance in the recovery of the purchasing power and to fulfill the commitments, the social concertation cannot be taken for guaranteed.
The secretary general of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, is going to ask the Government at the dialogue table with the social agents for a change in the productive model with more weight of industry and research and less tourism to try to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview in Los Desayunos de TVE, he has also advocated to approve the minimum income with a bridge measure and to extend the ERTE so that they can be extended as the activity recovers and not lose jobs along the way.
The general secretaries of UGT and CC.OO., Pepe Álvarez and Unai Sordo, respectively, assure Canal 24 Horas that the unemployment figure registered in October reflects the current economic situation, marked by the slowdown. “The labor market in our country needs profound changes, repealing labor reforms and implementing economic policies that favor domestic consumption,” said Álvarez. Sordo, for his part, demands “economic policies aimed at economic growth and job creation”.

álvarez: “in 2021 the smi has to go up”.

If it does not grow at 2.5% in 2019 we will have a much more serious problem even than not raising the minimum wage, because it will mean that the country is not doing well. The forecast is that the parameters are going to be met.
It will serve to raise the wages of the people who are in the worst conditions and it may serve, in part, to help workers to leave the underground economy, because some will not work below the minimum wage limit…
We are in a process of recovery of the macro economy, but the micro economy, the one that affects people directly, not at all. We have a serious problem of employment precariousness that has to do with seasonality and also with the low quality of the things we produce. We have made a very strong commitment to a great agreement for the industry in this country, because it is the one that can provide stability and quality of employment in the end.
This must be reversed. That kind of biblical curse that some people proclaim that our children will live worse than us does not have to be a reality. We must take advantage of the new situation that arises to make work much better, because technology, digitalization, is progress. From there, we need to share out the time spent at work and generate new time for continuous training. These are the keys to the future.

this is how jorge buxadé responded to josé maría

@yespudin #68Cerrar@ sharesccr # 65 Good voter of the P€P€ or P$0€ you must be…or voter of any other…so they want you, with less lights than a motocarro. the next time you run out of arguments and you only have the resource of insulting left and right, do it with paper and pen, that everyone knows the amount of direct and indirect jobs that have destroyed the internet and digital media.
I laugh my ass off, that they pay taxes excabadoras, and mechanical bulls, and all the machines, because they do the work of many people and generate unemployment … fuck we have no limit when it comes to say bullshit,
Those who have to pay taxes are the Unions instead of living mainly on State subsidies that all Taxpayers pay, whether they are affiliated or not. As far as I am concerned I do not want their “services” nor that they represent me in anything, they can disappear and I will not miss them.

álvarez: “in 2021 the smi has to go up”.

He said this Thursday in an attention to the media after participating in a session of the XXXVI Annual Meeting of the Cercle d’Economía in Barcelona, with the third vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, and the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi.
Regarding the pardons, he said that it is a very important instrument for this way of meeting: “It seems to me that the Government has to use it thoroughly from the perspective of harmony and understanding”.
He also stressed that, in view of the economic challenges, “it is essential to increase the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI), and said that it is essential to create employment but that for this it is also necessary to raise wages.

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