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Sports activities within the Physical Activity and Sports Promoting Institutes Program will start on Monday, October 4 at the following timetable: Children’s volleyball (1st and 2nd ESO): Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 5.30 pm. Cadet and youth volleyball (3rd and 4th of ESO and 1st and 2nd of ESO): Monday and…
Following the instructions received by the Directorate of Territorial Area, is published below and annexed to comply with its dissemination to potential stakeholders: Annexed
The Contingency Plan of the IES Las Musas is elaborated with the aim of minimizing contagions and guaranteeing safety and hygiene, as well as a quality educational service in the center. The entrance and exit of the center will be staggered to avoid crowds. Two groups of students will be established…
The presentations at the beginning of the school year will be carried out according to the following calendar. All students must come to the center with a mask and material to write down the timetable and other indications provided. Student lists will be available one hour before each presentation and can be consulted by following this link. Thursday…

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Next beginning of the admission process for Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Special Education, ESO and Baccalaureate for the academic year 2021-2022. The deadline for the submission of applications to participate in the ordinary process of admission of students for the course: April 8 and 23, 2021, (both dates inclusive).
e) The basic information on the admission process including the offer of vacancies, the criteria approved by the center for the awarding of the complementary point and the location of the Schooling Support Service that corresponds to the center.
► The application process is carried out by the center requested in first option, who will apply the common admission criteria and also the specific criteria applicable to the center.
In general, unless it is technically impossible to do so, the application for admission must be completed and submitted TELEMATICALLY through the virtual secretary; for this you need to have a digital certificate, or enter the electronic identification system cl@ve, or register in the computer system, or through the validation of credentials of the Roble/Raíces application.

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by direccion | Apr 30, 2021Study at IES Hotel Escuela a profession of the future in an ideal environment, living experiences that will enrich you as a person and as a professional and all this with the best professionals in the sector, in a motivating way and learning to work in a team while…
The Wasserburg route is known as the Moat Castle Route, it is approximately 470 kilometers long and passes 120 castles through the richest region in Wasserburg, Europe. On it you can see a varied landscape along the Rhine River and idyllic valleys; the historic centers of the cities through which it passes, numerous monasteries, mills and other historical and cultural points of interest.
On the Wasserburg route is Eltzburg Castle in the Eltzbachtal valley in the Rhineland-Palatinate, with its countless half-timbered towers and conical roofs. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved fortresses in Germany.
Study at the IES Hotel School a profession of the future in an ideal environment, living experiences that will enrich you as a person and as a professional and all this with the best professionals in the sector, in a motivating way and learning to work in a team while you…

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The provisional list of admitted students will be published in each center on May 21. The families will be able to lodge claims within three working days after the publication of the provisional list. The definitive list of admitted students will be published by the centers on May 28. The enrollment period in the Infant and Primary Education centers will be from June 17 to 28, and in the Secondary Education centers from July 1 to 12.
The new admission scale also increases from eight to ten points to have siblings enrolled in the center or parents who work there. The regional government incorporates this novelty to make it easier for siblings to study together and to avoid cases of school dispersion that can cause so much inconvenience to a family.

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