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Always full of customers attracted by a cuisine with knowledge and flavor. The huge tomatoes from our own garden and the rice with gurumelos are proof of this. Pepa knows what she is doing. She has opened a store on the Padre Damián corner offering her wonderful fruit and vegetable products.
Rodrigo de la Calle’s passion for vegetables is in his DNA. He has always been crazy about vegetables, so much so that he cannot conceive of life without these wonderful products that come fresh from the garden and always arrive in the kitchen of his ‘Invernadero’. Another one…
The cooler weather arrives, the shorter days and also the mushrooms and the spoon dishes. It is time to eat warmly in places like ‘El Camino’, in Palma de Mallorca, and its concept of ‘made at the moment’ and at the bar. Or in recent alternatives such as ‘Kuc’,…

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Besides that, any dish or product that is not as is, I copy from words of the team: “We become “conseguidoras” and we prepare it in our kitchen”.  From the famous stuffed turkey or stuffed poultry to the cardoon with almonds or the wellington sirloin that Pepa prepares with fresh products, always natural.
You can place your order by phone (913451084 or 910578994), mail (quenco@queco.com) or via whatsapp (696569484).  They prepare it for the day you want, including 24 and 31 December.  Undoubtedly a real luxury and also quality and price go hand in hand. Transform your home into a restaurant and savor every moment.

the well-appeared

I remember that the restaurant was full with an old and a little bit posh atmosphere, very elegant people were going, and I say this because I was very surprised by the atmosphere of people from Madrid, grandmothers all dressed up having dinner…. curious.
The dinner was puting mother until the seconds arrived. As the maitre d’ told us that they specialize in fish, I opted for the wild turbot. The turbot was 10 kilos and they brought me a huge piece…impossible to finish. It was undercooked (I should have told them to make it more), it lacked salt and above all it was very, very weak in flavor. If you have tried the turbot from Elkano (Guetaria) you should never order turbot elsewhere.

qüenco de pepa carta

Curiously, the first dish she cooked by herself was a trout with almonds, following a French recipe. “I had a book by a French cook named Henri-Paul Pellaprat, from the new French school, it was very fashionable at the time and it was the first dish I made complete.”
Answer.- Valentino, the couturier. His personality, the people who came with him? It was a very nice table to attend and much easier than I thought. Many times you generate expectations and then they are much easier than you think.
With this curriculum, it’s normal that she doesn’t get nervous serving almost anyone because, among other things, what she likes is to feed people well and that no one leaves her door “with a bad taste in their mouth”.
So it’s easy to understand that last March 13, 2020, when it was decided to close all the restaurants, the stoves fell on her.  “When I closed the restaurant, I wrote to the City Council and the Community, because I wanted to help by cooking in hospitals. Surely the doctors, with those days, needed to be well fed. And they hadn’t answered me when the following Friday, at half past eleven at night, I received a call from the communication agency of World Central Kitchen asking me if I wanted to lead one of chef José Andrés’ kitchens for the pandemic”.

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