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A moisturizing and strengthening face cream for sensitive and reactive skin. «It moisturizes and strengthens sensitive skin. It improves the appearance of skin with redness, couperose, dark circles and eye bags», they explain. And the truth is that I have noticed it after a week of using it.The first thing I liked about this cream is the smell: non-existent, which is all I ask from the products I apply on my face, the less smells, the better. But the texture is also very pleasant, because although it is quite moisturizing, it is not greasy or heavy on the face. It’s more like a gel, but with more density.
It costs 7 euros for a 50-milliliter bottle, but the truth is that it’s quite generous. I apply about the amount of a pea or half a fingertip, and it is more than enough. Will I repeat when I finish it? Probably. I’m not going to lie: I’ve tried better ones, and the K-beauty example I listed above is still my favorite. But it can be a great low-cost alternative, and besides, I know from experience that no unpleasant surprises await me with it: zero redness, lots of hydration. I like it.

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The nutritional benefits of vitamin K are well known: it is an excellent anticoagulant that reduces the risk of suffering ailments such as hypertension or arteriosclerosis. It is present in many foods such as broccoli, zucchini or kiwi. In addition, the intake of foods rich in this vitamin also benefits the skin thanks to its healing and anti-cellulite power.
But this fat-soluble vitamin can bring many other positive effects to your skin if applied externally. EL ESTILO presents all the benefits of vitamin K for your skin, as well as the best products to make the most of this ingredient and show off a luminous face without dark circles.
Cosmetics containing vitamin K improve blood circulation and reduce bruising, which makes it an ideal ingredient to fight the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes, providing firmness to the face and visibly reducing signs of fatigue.
Among the anti-dark circles with vitamin K, Sesderma’s K-vit Serum stands out. Thanks to its composition of Vitamin K oxide encapsulated in liposomes, it reduces the accumulation of these blood pigments, improving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. In addition, it completes its formula with plant active ingredients, camphanediol, pinanediol, hyaluronic acid and organic silicon that improve the microcirculation of the area and help to correct the signs of aging around the eyes, such as bags and wrinkles.

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Notificación. Todos los productos Deliplus están disponibles en Mercadona en España. Los productos Deliplus que se muestran en esta página web provienen de Mercadona y están siendo comprados e importados por nosotros.. No existe ningún acuerdo comercial o relación de negocios entre Mercadona y nuestro sitio web. Cualquier idea, sugerencia o acuerdo con la empresa Mercadona es explícitamente no aplicable. Como compramos e importamos nosotros mismos, nunca se puede generar la impresión de que somos un distribuidor, importador oficial o fabricante de esta marca. Según la legislación europea somos libres de comprar y vender estos productos.

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Mercadona, la conocida cadena de tiendas de alimentación, ha vuelto a crear una nueva línea de productos ligada al ámbito de la magnificencia, que ya se ha convertido en un auténtico éxito. El camino de los artículos firmados por su modelo de magnificencia, Deliplus, está dirigido al cuidado de los poros y la piel delicados. La eficacia y el éxito que poseen estos cosméticos recaen en su cuidadosa composición y formulación.
En particular, el camino que se compone de tres mercancías -que representan y conforman el cuidado básico de la piel todos los días faciales- que el cuidado de aliviar, guardar y fortalecer los poros y la barrera de la piel de cualquier dermis tales.

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