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Andreu Buenafuente Moreno (nacido el 24 de enero de 1965) es un presentador de late night español[1] y fundador del grupo El Terrat. Ha trabajado en TV3, Antena 3, laSexta y #0. También ha trabajado como presentador de radio y ha publicado varios libros con sus monólogos.

the disastrous wedding video of andreu buenafuente and sílvia

The couple has managed to find a balance between their personal and professional lives. Andreu and Silvia worked together for the first time in 2006, when the presenter signed her for his hit show Buenafuente, which lasted several seasons on Antena 3 and La Sexta. We saw them singing together in Tu cara me suena -imitating Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga- and in whose fourth season Silvia became one of the most beloved contestants.
Although they have their residence in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) their trips to Madrid are constant for work reasons. Silvia has even joked about the «double life» she leads. «Having everything in duplicate makes it easier for you if you leave something behind in one city or the other, nothing happens. With Andreu, I have a substitute in Barcelona and we are doing better as a couple,» he said with a laugh.
Today they continue to work together and she is part of the group of comedians of Late Motiv, the late night that Buenafuente presents on Movistar +. There is no doubt that they form a perfect tandem, and although presenting the Goyas is not an easy task, they will do their best.

interview with andreu buenafuente and silvia abril

Who was going to tell that comedian with false teeth and mustache and underwear in the air that in that space she was going to find the love of her life? The story of Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril was born on the sets of that program, and this is how the Catalan conquered the father of her daughter!
«I don’t like to talk about my personal life, I try to keep it to ourselves, because otherwise there comes a time when you have nothing left,» Andreu once said. But this suspicion about their private life has not been incompatible with showing their relationship with total naturalness, especially in the first events they attended together.
Andreu and Silvia were very clear that they wanted to be parents, but the comedian could not get pregnant. After trying several methods without luck, Silvia met the psychoneuroimmunologist Xevi Verdaguer (who, later, would prologue the book Abril wrote about healthy eating). It was Verdaguer who discovered that the actress’ reproductive capacity was not going well due to a gluten intolerance of which she was unaware. A few weeks after acquiring new eating habits, Silvia became pregnant.

andreu buenafuente and silvia abril face the 360º camera

Silvia Abril and Toni Acosta attended this Thursday as guests on ‘Late motiv’ to talk about ‘El grupo’, the radio program they present on Cadena SER. Taking advantage of Abril’s visit to his program, Andreu Buenafuente launched into a curious anecdote that happened to them last week while they were about to take off by plane.
«Let’s tell it here, which is neutral territory», said the comedian before starting with the story: «Silvia has a problem. Well… A characteristic. She is disciplined and punctual, but she doesn’t accept rules by nature. They make her very nervous, especially in aviation, she resents being told everything».
The Movistar+ presenter commented that the plane was gradually filling up until the person who was supposed to occupy the seat where the comedian was arrived. «Who was it, and I’m not making anything up, the passenger who had that seat?» he asked before revealing his identity: «The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa!».

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