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I just finished this little book and I have a lot of swirling feelings. Above all a smile of complicity with Romina, the main character, I feel I love her. This is a very well written and structured novel despite its brevity, which gives us something I didn’t know I needed so badly: a tapatía antiheroine. Especially in times when many characters in books starring women are beings that contradict themselves just to look better on Instagram, if they had Instagram. M
It reads fast – but doesn’t always have the flow that such a short novel would need. Maybe because there’s a lot going on in the main character’s head but far from the narrative she makes of it. It is bittersweet. I appreciated some references to my early adolescence in the same city, but I was disconnected from the narrator.
The prota’s acid humor is impeccable: she keeps it up the whole time and makes some great ironic comments. Since I don’t come across many of the bands she talks about, I have the impression of having read a chronicle of the nineties experience. Anyways, I’d like to know which song I agree with Romina <3

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Although the reason for this article is to focus on Peter Lim’s period, we will take a look back, very briefly, to remember some of the phrases that were said at the time to put us in situation:
«The first thing is to renegotiate the deadlines with Bankia and finish the new stadium. If the work on the new Mestalla is not completed, we cannot go any further. The solution will be global, for the Foundation and Valencia, we will address the total perimeter of the debt.»
For those who are new to all this, I will tell you that the working capital is a reference to know the evolution of the financial health in the short term. It serves as a measure to know the capacity of any company to continue with the development of its activity.
We have creditors with sports entities and intermediaries amounting to 168M, and although some say that this is due to the trust we offer to the different clubs, it is also very curious that this trust is not transferred to Meriton itself with respect to Valencia. We have a debt with Peter Lim close to 50M and for this debt he has guaranteed all the economic rights of the current Valencia squad for a value of 296M (Note 6 of the report). I make this note so that you can assess the confidence of one or the other.

tak tiki tak

Following this dangerous path we find «El reno renardo», a group born from the mind of Jevo Jevardo, who alone created this group on the Internet, the success was such in songs like «Crecí en los Ochenta» or «Camino a Moria» that he was forced to recruit a group and go on tour.
Let’s introduce now a classic of Youtube, Los Gandules that using as a base the song «Voyage, Voyage» of the French group Desireless created a hit called «bayas bayas» that sounds so much fun:
Hamburguesa Vegetal, a group from the mind of Mc Masilla Perrins (vocals) and GJ Vinagre (guitar), and creators of one of my favorite songs, you can’t miss this great song in which they explain the plot of the movie «Cocoon».
But undoubtedly, the greatest exponents of current musical humor are Los Ganglios, with Xoxé Tétano and Rafel Filete from Badajoz but based in Barcelona, who define themselves as a group of techno punk cumbianchero.
This track and specifically Jacques Cousteau, reminded me of other greats from Madrid founded there in 1993. One of their most famous tracks is Cousteau, le comandant. But today I propose you this song as a tribute to the Ramones.

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