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Idealista is the perfect portal for those looking for a new home, either to buy or rent. However, within the wide range of possibilities and options that the real estate portal advertises, we also find abusive offers that do not even request a minimum of habitability.
Although the property is in good condition, it does not even have windows, and it is striking that the seller in the ad claims that «it is a comfortable apartment» and that «it gives a feeling of spaciousness», contrary to what is seen in the images.
The seller, assuring that the images do not reflect its true spaciousness, wanted to insist on the need for future owners or tenants to visit the apartment. In addition, he also wanted to emphasize the comfort of the apartment.
The most surprising thing is that the seller is asking for this apartment without windows and of only 26 square meters a price of 220,000 euros for its sale, or what is the same, at 8,462 euros per square meter and with a rental option.

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Despite the disparity of the data, basically offered by real estate portals, and in the absence of official statistics that collect the evolution of the price of rents, 2021 has been released with decreases in almost all the national territory.
Although it is clear that the pandemic has produced a change in trend, the coalition government has committed itself to limiting rental prices, a measure rejected by the sector as it is considered an attack on the free market and unnecessary at a time of falling rents, especially in the most stressed markets, due to the impact of the health crisis.
Compared to the prices that were registered in January 2020, Fotocasa indicates that the biggest falls are occurring at the start of 2021 in the Balearic Islands (8.8%), Madrid (7.5%) and Catalonia (5.2%), precisely where they used to rise the most and which have been hard hit by the pandemic and the paralysis of tourism.
According to Idealista, in January the average rental price of housing fell in seven autonomous communities compared to December and the biggest cuts were in the Balearic Islands (2.6%), Catalonia (1.6%) and the Community of Madrid (1.2%).

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Immaculate and quiet apartment in Pío XII, with elevator and natural gas heating. Air conditioning in living room and master bedroom. Fitted closets in all rooms. Completely new, very bright and centrally located…..
…the newly renovated three bedroom apartment. Great home with living room, fully equipped kitchen, three bedrooms with fitted closets. Wooden carpentry lacquered in white. Hot and cold pump in living room and master bedroom…..
…the apartment for students / teachers in the old town area, opposite the Corte Ingles. 4th floor with elevatorKitchen, dining room, living room and clothesline. 3 bedrooms, one of them could be double.natural gas heating, water and wifi expenses included…..
…exterior floor with elevator, walled area, heating, 100% renovated (house, electricity and plumbing) as a four star hotel, professionally decorated and equipped (all brand new for the tenant / to enter). It has wooden floor in all the…

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The question is what will happen to these rental prices if, finally, the Housing Law ends up being approved. «We consider that the legislative changes related to rental activity will have a geographically limited practical application that will not substantially alter the current status quo, except perhaps very specific locations,» can be read in Bankinter’s ‘Real Estate Sector Report 2021-2022’.
From what is known so far, the law speaks of price regulation to lower rents based on the reference index for all contracts in stressed market areas. It also talks about the withdrawal of tax privileges for large landlords. It includes a reserve of 30% of all developments for subsidized housing. Of this percentage, half would be for social renting. And a tax on vacant housing through an IBI surcharge that can reach up to 150%.

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