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This is the protagonist of this monograph. A woman who is always open to look back at the past and analyze, from a distance, her intense life alongside the characters that have filled pages and pages of the magazines of the heart and the written press.
In October 2013, Mila sits on the set of Abre los ojos… y mira after the publication in ¡Hola! magazine of an interview in which her daughter Alba talks about her relationship with her parents and how she experienced their separation.
The journalist gave details in the program Sálvame diario that had not been known before, such as that their relationship broke up because of a discussion about the Marqués de Villaverde, whom Mila had esteem because he had helped her in her arrival in Madrid, while Sacristán criticized him for his political ideas.
In November 2010, Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez accused Mila Ximénez of being a prostitute, a pimp, a drug addict and a drunkard. The collaborator had an anxiety attack, but that same night she appeared on Sálvame Deluxe to confront the man who had been her partner for more than a decade. And we already know that the journalist does not keep quiet. She replied to the fugitive and how:

impactante comunicado de la familia de mila ximénez a favor

Ximénez se casó con el tenista Manuel Santana en febrero de 1983, con quien tuvo una hija, Alba en 1984[4] Su matrimonio terminó tres años después[21] A finales de la década mantuvo una relación íntima con el actor José Sacristán[22].
El 16 de junio de 2020, en el programa Sálvame anunció que la semana anterior le habían diagnosticado un cáncer de pulmón, lo que motivó su ausencia de la televisión durante esos días[23] A finales de marzo de 2021, fue ingresada en el Hospital de La Luz de Madrid por complicaciones de su enfermedad,[24] y fue ingresada por segunda vez el 9 de junio en el mismo hospital[25].
Varios días después, Ximénez regresó a su domicilio en Madrid, donde fue sedada en compañía de sus familiares[26] y falleció el 23 de junio de 2021 a la edad de 69 años[27]. Fue incinerada al día siguiente en el Cementerio de la Almudena, con planes de trasladar sus cenizas a Ámsterdam, donde residen su hija y sus nietos[28].

this media confirms the tragic goodbye of mila ximénez

The great love of the Sálvame collaborator was the millionaire Moroccan businessman Rafael Aguilera. It was not until after his death that Mila spoke of how important Aguilar had been in her heart.
Mila had a lot of character, but also a big heart. She had many friends and some of them are inside her program, with whom she would go for a drink at a bar near Telecinco, La Muralla, after Sálvame.
At the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show in Madrid, Mila paraded and did it with other celebrities such as Alejandra Rubio, Terelu’s daughter. Despite not being a professional on the catwalk, she moved with great ease.

mila ximénez de cisneros rebollo (seville, may 21, 2000).

At the beginning of 2000, Mila arrived on television, collaborating for several programs of the Telecinco channel since this millennium. Among these programs are «La Noria», «Crónicas Marcianas», «TNT», «A tu lado», «Abre los ojos… y mira» and «Supervivientes».    Currently, she continues to work for Telecinco in the programs «Sálvame» and «Sábado Deluxe» since 2009.
It is also noteworthy that Mila starts with her «Lecturas» project, which is a weekly blog through her own section «En el punto de Mila». She is part of the present cast of «Supervivientes» in 2016, and then in «Gran Hermano VIP in 2019, being third finalist in both shows.

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