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Discover the best Movistar offers for any tariff, no matter if they are mobile, internet, fixed or its Fusion tariffs that include fiber, fixed, mobile and television, you will always receive a quality service.
With the Movistar offers that the operator has in force, you can get their rates, cell phones and other services at a much lower price than usual. Check which Movistar promotions are in force.
At the moment, you will find an interesting offer in the Movistar Conecta tariffs, which combine 300Mbps symmetrical fiber and a fixed line with unlimited calls in the same bill. During the first six months after signing up you can enjoy a succulent discount on the price.
Contract XL MobileContract: No permanenceData 30 GB Unlimited calls Movistar coverage Connection speed 4G+ First 6 months, 25% discount Free portabilityWith promo18,95€month6 monthsWithout promo24,95€monthAfter I’m interested in prices subject to VATFree information 900 300 051

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In 1998, with the privatization of Telebrás, Telefónica, integrated in several consortiums, gained control of the fixed telephony operator of Sao Paulo (TelESP) and of several mobile operators, such as those of Rio de Janeiro (TelERJ) or Rio Grande do Sul (CRT).
During its international expansion, Telefónica Móviles’ businesses around the world followed a disparate branding policy, and in each territory the multinational combined the brands of the absorbed operators with the signatures «Telefónica», «Movistar» or both, although in some territories it directly dispensed with the local brands and implemented its own.
From its inception, the Movistar brand logo was presented as an annex to the Telefónica logo, which represented the letter «T» formed by several dots. Moviline had a very similar image that reflected its belonging to the same business group. The «i» of the word Movistar was distinguished by a golden star at the point of the spelling.
On April 5, 2005, due to the boom of mobile telephony, Movistar presented its first own logo independent of the Telefónica brand. A particular version of the letter «M» in lime green and with three-dimensional effects that seemed to give volume. The characteristic colors of the brand continued to be lime green and blue, inherited from its parent company Telefónica.

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The first thing you will have to do is to identify the coverage you have at home. That is to say, whether or not the Movistar fiber reaches you. In the case that you do get fiber, you can opt for one of the Movistar internet tariffs.
If you check the coverage and the fiber does not reach your home, you will have to contract an ADSL tariff. These tariffs have a lower speed than fiber. They can reach up to 30Mbps downstream.
This means that your home internet will be slower, but you will notice it in downloads of many GB, if you only use internet for social networks or to visit a website you do not have to worry with these Movistar internet rates.
Universal Internet Service Internet satelliteContract: No permanenceSpeed (download)1 MbpsSpeed (upload)256 kbpsMovistar coverageFor places without coverageFinal price41,48€month I am interested in prices subject to VATFree information 900 300 051

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With Movistar’s Internet and TV plan, each member of the family can be connected as and when he/she wants, while satisfying that member who is passionate about the best TV programs. Movistar triple play is a plan you can’t miss.
200 LDI Minutes with 009With promo | Stratum 3$70.990monthly12 monthsWithout promo | Stratum 3$86.990monthlyAfterSee more informationHide informationCall free and get information 03 1841 8892 Up to 200 Megas Simétricas + TV
200 LDI minutes with 009With promo | Stratum 3$123.990monthly12 monthsWithout promo | Stratum 3$153.990monthlyAfterSee more informationHide informationCall for free and get more information 03 1841 8892 Up to 500 Megas Symmetrical + TV
On the other hand, we have the Movistar combo with TV, telephony and internet for customers who want to be part of the biggest option, but whose costs are not so high. The combo has up to 10 megabytes, unlimited national long distance calls, a fixed + mobile prefix, Movistar Play, 2 Decos, Zafiro Plus Plan with more than 130 channels, 51 of which are HD.

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