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If you don’t know how to log in to your Hotmail email through the current means, we are going to explain what you have to do. Fortunately, their managers do not let you create more; but they do allow you to use it on the online platform they currently have: Microsoft Outlook. This is what we are going to talk about next, along with other aspects of special interest for the use of this mail. Everything so that you can continue using it.
There is also the possibility of synchronizing the account directly through the settings of your smartphone so that all the information arrives automatically to it. It is a different process, but the use of the app allows you to quickly get rid of your Hotmail profile by simply deleting it, without the need to modify phone settings and touching where you should not.
First of all, it is impossible to log in to the Hotmail inbox because the hotmail system is no longer running and because the inbox does not allow any login. In order to login you have to enter the Outlook home page and proceed from there through your browser: Within this site, click on «Log in» and follow the steps that you will be asked to follow.

Email login

Although Hotmail is currently a secondary address for a Microsoft that now gives priority to the Outlook domain, you can still create a new account using the domain. To do this, go to the website, in the field under Create account type the name of an account using You can also click on the Get a new e-mail address button.
Next, the process will ask you to enter your first and last name. Note that this will create a Microsoft account, so you may want to give your real name. However this is not necessary, and you will always have the option to put a non-real one and change it later if you need to start using your account seriously or buy things with it. Type in the data you deem appropriate and click the Continue button.
After the name, Microsoft will also ask you for some details such as your country and date of birth. Here again, you can enter real data or not depending on what you are going to use the account for. Here enter the date and click the Continue button.

Outlook mail

It is important that you verify your account email address to ensure that you are able to receive account-related emails from us. You may be asked to verify your email address before you can collect responses to your surveys; this includes any sender email address you are using for the first time.
There may be an error in the email address, or the email could belong to someone else. Also, if your problem is specific to your account email address verification, you may be using an unsupported email address, such as a generic, role-based or mailing list address.
To add us to your list of trusted senders, please enable our sender domains and IP addresses. If you don’t know how to add senders to your allowed list, simply send that information to your IT department.

Normal hotmail login

Hotmail (now is a free, fast and secure e-mail service. It is almost never faulty and has interesting features such as an anti-spam system and an antivirus. In addition, it integrates a protection against phishing attacks to prevent you from falling into the traps of cybercriminals. To create a Hotmail email, all you need to do is set up a Microsoft account. This will allow you to sign in to all the services offered by Microsoft such as, Skype, Xbox Live and OneDrive.

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