Alcohol en gel mercadona

After shave gel with aloe vera by deliplus (mercadona)

The demand for the so-called sanitary hand gels -which many associate with hospitals- has skyrocketed to unsuspected levels, practically exhausting all stocks in pharmacies. This product has even invaded the beauty sector and three different models are among the top 10 best sellers on Amazon.
The widespread hysteria to get their hands on one has led consumers to pay indecent amounts for gels that, moreover, are not effective against the spread of the coronavirus. But how to distinguish a good one from a bad one?
Mar Sieira, pharmacist and founder of the skin care firm Sarah Becquer, explains to La Vanguardia that the first step is to distinguish between a bactericidal gel and a virucidal one. «The function of the antibacterial gel is to repel bacteria or fight them so that they do not proliferate. In the case of coronavirus, since it is a virus, we should talk about virucidal capacity.»
As a result of the growth in demand and the consequent increase in supply, prices have also risen. How much should we pay for this product: «The fair price is between 3.5 and 5 euros per 100 ml,» he concludes.

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To help consumers reduce the risk of contagion, Mercadona has developed several disinfectant products under its private label brands. One of the most successful is Deliplus antiseptic hand gel.
To help consumers reduce the risk of contagion by coronavirus, Mercadona’s catalog of disinfectant products has grown substantially. Under its Deliplus and Borque Verde private labels, the Valencian supermarket chain has a wide range of products for both personal hygiene and household cleaning.
In the household cleaning section we find the household cleaner that eliminates viruses and bacteria without bleach, which has recently arrived on the market to join the 70% Bosque Verde scented alcohol or the bleach-free laundry disinfectant.

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Make homemade disinfectant or antibacterial gel 2 ingredients

Hydroalcoholic gels, masks, gloves and household cleaning products.  Mercadona has products on supermarket shelves with which to deal with the threat of the coronavirus. Here we highlight some of the most popular among shoppers:
This reference, located in the Perfumery section of all the chain’s supermarkets, is manufactured under the Deliplus brand by the supplier Totaler Ubesol S.L. at its facilities in Atzeneta d’Albaida (Valencia).

Antibacterial gel

Mercadona launches a new hydroalcoholic lotion to deal with coronavirus. This product is more convenient for users than traditional hydroalcoholic gels for hand cleaning.
The supplier Totaler Igepak, a specialist in aerosol products, is responsible for producing this new product, which provides a hydroalcoholic lotion with 80% alcohol for cleaning hands without rinsing, with aloe vera and glycerin, at its facilities in Usurbil (Gipuzkoa).

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