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I did this trip with Ara, the author of the great blog Esto no es lo que pareze. Ara is another passionate about travel and photography, and in fact we planned this trip as a photographic getaway for two. A festival of clicks, games with the camera and whatever else, without having to wait for the others. The truth is that not everyone understands the idea of taking pictures, so when you get together with someone who has the same tastes as you… it can only give you satisfaction. Be sure to visit his blog. And now let’s get down to business, I’m getting confused.
From the Parque de los Avellanos we confirm on the map that the village is 800 meters away, but we do not see it because there is a big curve that hides it. Because of its proximity we decided to leave the car in the park and walk up the road.
The history of Puebla de la Sierra begins in the twelfth century when several settlements were made for defensive reasons, although it is believed that its origin may have been Arab. After the Reconquest it was repopulated with dark stone buildings and wooden details, and so the architecture of the village is maintained for the most part.

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La hiruelamunicipality in spain

Located between the Sierras of Ayllón and Guadarrama, in the area known as the Sierra Norte de Madrid, is the Sierra del Rincón. To get here from the city of Madrid just take the A-1 highway towards Burgos until you reach the height of Buitrago de Lozoya, one of the most beautiful villages in the community.
From there, take the M-137 road, which will take you to the first of the villages, Prádena del Rincón. The next one to appear will be Horcajuelo, 4 kilometers ahead and from there to Montejo de la Sierra. We will continue along this road to La Hiruela or we can take the detour to the M-130 and end up in Puebla de la Sierra.
If anything characterizes this area of the Sierra is the harmony that, for centuries, nature and man have maintained, and that is reflected in their customs, architecture and agricultural and livestock work. It is possible to visit all five villages in one day, but on this occasion we decided to focus on two of them: La Hiruela and Puebla de la Sierra, leaving for a future visit the rest of the localities and, especialment

Towns of madrid

We drive into the village and start looking for a place to park: it is not crowded, but there are not too many options to leave the car… we go a little further, we see a perfect spot in front of a bench, and there we stay. We get out of the car and realize that we almost didn’t park in the Plaza Mayor.
We arrive at lunchtime, so the whole town smells of food… in front of the church we even discover the place where the rich barbecue had been prepared, the aroma of which haunts us through the narrow streets.
We started to wander through the narrow cobbled streets aimlessly; sooner or later this way you will go through the whole village, from top to bottom, there is nowhere to get lost. Notice the very curious peculiarity of many houses: downstairs they are covered with stone, but the upper part is left uncovered and you can see the brick. At first we thought it was negligence, but we realized that it is repeated in many houses, even in the oldest ones.
On the other hand, the roads are not very frequented – mostly by locals – and with impressive views, because of the solitude that often reigns along the road, and the exclusive beauty of remote places…

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Puebla de la sierra restaurants

In the north of the Community of Madrid, in a valley full of vegetation through which rivers of crystalline waters flow, we find the town ‘Puebla de la Sierra’. Its traditions, historical legacy and the contact with nature through its paths will allow you to enjoy a day you will not forget. Would you like to discover it?
This mountain town of unique beauty is nestled in a valley through which runs the river Puebla, where several streams of crystal clear water flow. Centennial trees color this landscape that belongs to the region of the Sierra del Rincón, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005.
Special mention deserves its natural environment with places of great beauty structured around the stream of the Puebla, where you will find ancient native oaks. Enjoy more thoroughly through the three proposed trails: the Senda al Arroyo de Puentes Viejas, the Circular to Collado Larda and the Circular de la Torrecilla.

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