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Francisco Javier Ortega Smith-Molina (pronunciación en español: [zmið.moˈlina]; nacido el 28 de agosto de 1968) es un abogado y político hispano-argentino[1] Secretario General de Vox, el segundo cargo más destacado del partido español después de su presidente Santiago Abascal,[2] es miembro tanto del Congreso de los Diputados como del Ayuntamiento de Madrid desde 2019.
Al parecer, estuvo 9 meses cumpliendo el servicio militar obligatorio dentro del COE 13, perteneciente a los Grupos de Operaciones Especiales (GOE), ubicado en la Base de San Pedro, Colmenar Viejo[8][2] Fue un gran practicante de artes marciales hasta que una lesión de rodilla le impidió continuar[4].
Instalado en Chamberí, Ortega Smith inició una carrera profesional como abogado[10] En 2012 fue contratado como abogado de Santiago Abascal durante un juicio en la Audiencia Nacional contra unos individuos que supuestamente habían agredido verbalmente a Abascal en el País Vasco años atrás; acompañado en el juicio por Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, este trío, junto a la esposa de este último, Rocío Monasterio, se convirtieron en estrechos conocidos. [11] Trabajó en el departamento judicial de la Fundación DENAES («para la Defensa de la Nación Española»), ejerciendo también de portavoz de la organización[12].

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The Europa Press news agency; the actor Inmanol Arias; the Portuguese sociologist Boaventura de Sousa; the former handball player, José Javier Hombrados; the sculptor and writer Ana Teresa Ortega; and the producer and businessman José Velasco will collect this Tuesday, October 5, the Asicom award in a ceremony that will begin at 7 p.m. in the Historic Building of the University of Oviedo.
The secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, has inaugurated the new headquarters of Vox in the province of Toledo, an act that he considers «a nice prelude» of what will be the coming months in which Vox «will be the voice of so many Toledo, orphans of a true representation».
The Teresa Ortega Coca Exhibition Hall of the Pimentel Palace in Valladolid hangs from this Wednesday until November 14 the exhibition ‘Opni’, by the Valladolid artist Javier Bustelo.
The Socialist and Mixed parliamentary groups have branded as a «failure» the management in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, to which they have given a «fail», and have criticized the lack of support during the pandemic to the sectors that depend on the department headed by Javier Ortega, which they consider is «underfunded» with an insufficient budget to meet the needs of the Community.

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The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, may have committed a hate crime when he accused the young women shot in 1939, four months after the end of the Civil War, by order of Franco’s dictatorship, of «torture, rape and vile murder».
The spokesman for Vox in the City Council of Madrid has confirmed that he was admitted to hospital as an emergency patient due to several thrombi in his leg and lungs «as one of the serious effects that the coronavirus can cause».
A Femen activist has burst into an act that Vox was holding in Zaragoza and in which Javier Ortega Smith was participating. The activist has climbed on stage bare-chested and shouted «feminicidal fascists».
The secretary general of Vox will keep his statements on the Thirteen Roses for which he is summoned before a court in Madrid after the complaint of the Association 13 Roses of Asturias and nephews of Dolores Conesa, one of those shot in 1939.

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Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are part of nature, even of our body. Without going any further, there we have the human microbiome, which is the name given to the set of microorganisms that inhabit our body, forming different ecosystems that perform vital functions for our proper development and well-being.
Despite this, the country has been experiencing for several weeks a worsening of the pandemic that has led to quarantine all of Santiago since last Saturday and to extend the state of health alert for another three months, until September 30.
The relaxation of the restrictions thanks to the good epidemiological data of the region has led to massive influxes of visitors in municipalities such as Castro Urdiales, Comillas, Suances or Santillana del Mar, whose tourism sector has received an oxygen balloon after months depleted by the pandemic.
The health authorities have indicated that there are currently 12,374 people hospitalized and 2,068 in intensive care units, which represents a net balance in one day of 106 fewer patients in the first case, between admissions and discharges, and 38 in the second.

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