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An online bank account is the same as one opened at a physical branch. But in the former, Internet management solutions mean that you don’t have to depend on timetables. Everything is easier when you have the tools offered by the Internet: availability, immediacy and facilities are just some of the advantages. However, there are still many users who have doubts about access to electronic banking and the differences between traditional and online operations.
With access to electronic banking you can manage all financial matters related to your money through the Internet, from a cell phone, tablet or computer. This allows you to carry out banking transactions in real time, consult your balance, your movements and other issues such as savings, financing and investment products.
Each entity offers different solutions for accessing electronic banking. In some cases the operation is through a website, and in others it is complemented with a mobile app that facilitates access from this type of device. However, the basic process is similar in all banks: your data are in secure servers that you access through passwords or digital certificates with which you can operate your account without going to the physical branch.

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The Smart Account is two connected accounts: a current account for your day-to-day life and a term account for your savings. And it has everything you need, ATMs all over the world, an account(1) without commissions or requirements. And the issuance, maintenance and renewal of the Smart Card is FREE.
An ecosystem where you will find the latest technology, super-trendy experiences and a lot of discounts to show off around. And the best thing is that you can get them at a very EVO price! It will be hard for you to leave empty-handed.

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OFFLINE:Make your day-to-day queries and operations without worrying about being connected to the internet. Whether you are on the ground or in the air, perform any operation thanks to our offline functionality.SAVE YOUR AGENDA YOUR CONTACTS:Use your address book to save your favorite contacts and make your operations more agile.
AND WITH ALL THESE ADVANTAGES! ENJOY INTERESTING DISCOUNTS TO SHARE WITH YOURSELVES.RENTALCARS: Rent your car with Rentalcars from your Mobile Banking and you will get a 10% cashback.BOOKING:Book accommodation with Booking.com through your Mobile Banking and you will get a 4% cashback on your booking. No limit on the amount!

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With the EVO mobile banking app, your day-to-day operations will be a breeze, and all this without sacrificing security. Because you can check your balances, expenses and movements of all your products quickly, easily and securely.
Wherever and whenever you want, we are always in your pocket, always at your disposal. And of course, you will continue to have access to the rest of our remote banking services: Electronic banking (www.evobanco.com) and telephone banking (91 09 00 900).
AND WITH ALL THESE ADVANTAGES! ENJOY INTERESTING DISCOUNTS TO SHARE WITH YOURS.RENTALCARS: Rent your car with Rentalcars from your Mobile Banking and you will have a 10% refund on the amount.BOOKING:Book accommodation in Booking.com through your Mobile Banking and you will have a 4% refund on your reservation. No limit on the amount!

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