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To carry out a procedure in person at any of our Traffic offices you need to book an appointment. We will try to provide it as soon as possible and, at least, within fifteen days after you make your request.
You can consult and cancel your appointment at any time. You can also do this if your appointment is for an exchange of driving licenses from non-EU countries.
The most common is that you request an appointment for «Office procedures», and within them that you tell us specifically for which area you need your appointment (registration, transfer or deregistration of your vehicle, examination, renewal or duplicate of your driving license, presentation of allegations or appeals to a fine, etc.).
If you do it online, we remind you to click on the ‘Confirm’ button to make sure that the appointment has been booked, and to download the appointment confirmation by clicking on the option «Get Reminder» Help.
Please note that if there are no appointments available for the processing area you need, you cannot request an appointment for a procedure in another area for which there are free appointments, since the procedures are only handled in the area indicated in the information for each office.

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At the same time, in a country that has a large number of drivers like ours, making an appointment at the DGT, has helped people not to be concentrated, in large numbers, in the physical headquarters. It should be clarified that, for those who do not have a good relationship with the Internet, it is possible to make an appointment through the 060 telephone number.
In general terms, none of these steps generates problems or doubts in people who go to this website to request an appointment at the DGT. Perhaps, the part of «Processing area», is the one that can generate more inconveniences for some people. This is the most important step of the appointment, because it is where we will say what we need.
For example, if the person wants to drive a motorcycle, he/she will have to take a specific training course from the Dirección General de Tráfico, which is given in schools and authorized centers. In addition, he/she will have practical tests in closed and open circuits. At the same time, for those who wish to drive a car, the potential driver will also have to pass courses dictated by the DGT and undergo theoretical and practical tests.

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Transfers of mopeds and any other vehicle involving a buyer or seller with guardianship, death of the owner, separation or divorce, vehicle donations, historic vehicles, vehicles with more than one owner (co-owners), vehicles acquired at auction. More information in the section «How to transfer mopeds and other special cases».
Before transferring a vehicle, it is necessary to check that the vehicle is transferable: The vehicle must be registered and up to date in the payment of local taxes and penalties related to the vehicle (vehicle documentation, compulsory insurance, periodic vehicle inspections (ITV) and its state of conservation). The existence of a reservation of title, seizure, or a sealing order on the vehicle may entail certain limitations when transferring or notifying the sale.
At the time of submitting the request we will provide you with a receipt. If we need any clarification or correction of your request, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. Once the transfer has been made, we will send you to the address indicated the documentation of the vehicle already in your name.

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In order to carry out an in-person procedure in any office of the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) it is mandatory to obtain an appointment. Thus, this organization has different channels enabled to obtain a previous appointment so that citizens can solve their questions related to Traffic.
The Dirección General de Tráfico offers the possibility to all citizens to carry out practically all the procedures by telematic means. However, there are some procedures that it is convenient to carry out in person and also many citizens prefer to do all these types of formalities in the DGT offices.
In case of obtaining the previous appointment by telephone, the person who attends to you will offer different options in the days and schedules available, being able to select the appointment that is most convenient for you in the nearest office. This is the usual schedule of the DGT:

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