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dgt exam appointment

In order to carry out an in-person procedure in any of our Traffic offices you need to book an appointment. We will try to provide it as soon as possible and, at least, within fifteen days after you make your request.
You can consult and cancel your appointment at any time. You can also do this if your appointment is for an exchange of driving licenses from non-EU countries.
The most common is that you request an appointment for «Office procedures», and within them that you tell us specifically for which area you need your appointment (registration, transfer or deregistration of your vehicle, examination, renewal or duplicate of your driving license, presentation of allegations or appeals to a fine, etc.).
If you do it online, we remind you to click on the ‘Confirm’ button to make sure that the appointment has been booked, and to download the appointment confirmation by clicking on the option «Get Reminder» Help.
Please note that if there are no appointments available for the processing area you need, you cannot request an appointment for a procedure in another area for which there are free appointments, since the procedures are only handled in the area indicated in the information for each office.

appointment dgt sabadell

If you had an appointment for the exchange of your driving license and we have not been able to attend you in our offices during the alarm period or due to new confinements of the population in this new phase towards normality, you can continue with the processing of your exchange request, through our Electronic Registry. Check the country of issuance of the permit to be exchanged and register your request with the required documentation.  This service is not available for the processing of Venezuelan permit exchanges.

consult dgt appointment

– For renewal and exchange of driving licenses, as well as European driving licenses, click on the respective heading. Indicate the country and click continue to get to «Office procedures» where you must select the area corresponding to the type of vehicle.
Remember that the DGT offers the possibility of carrying out practically all of our procedures telematically, by alternative means to in person, without the need to make an appointment or visit our offices.
You can choose your appointment between those dates and times that are available at the office you want to go to. Try to be on time for your appointment. If you miss your appointment, it is likely that you will not be attended.

dgt exchange

If you can’t wait any longer and you want to make your appointment quickly, in our consultancy and agency in Palma, we have several people registered, carrying out procedures and with direct access to the platforms of the DGT. The administrative managers are authorized to carry out dgt procedures without appointment. Call us and we will get you to carry out your procedure!
You must apply this procedure several times a week, do it every day at the times we have indicated (in less than 1 week you will have your appointment at the dgt). You have to be patient and wait, keep in mind that many of those days, the electronic office does not even open the appointments for a few minutes, and sometimes it does not even open it at all.
Today we have many digital tools that enable and facilitate this task. The blog is one of them and has always been my favorite, as it allows long reflections without the pressure of time and creates very special bonds between the author and his followers.

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