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This famous movie tells the story of a panda bear whose father is a turtle and both master the discipline of Kung Fu. One day bad guys appear in their land and they must fight to defend their family and friends.
There is a magical world under the sea. Team Aqua’s leader is about to reach his goal, but can a voice of reason turn the tide of destruction? No one knows. What lies beneath the water? Is it a great whale or a mystery? In this film the mystery will be revealed.
The dark side of the force is planning a conspiracy. As an incarnation of justice, The Teenage Ninja Turtles will put an end to the evil plans. Watch the movie to see how they defeat the bad guys.
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the mitchells vs. the machi…

A few days ago we reviewed Pixar movies, recommending them by age groups, taking into account the complexity of their plot and the emotional charge that some of them may have, and now we will do the same, but with Disney movies.
The main message of this film, which like all the previous ones has a fantastic soundtrack, is that we should never judge appearances and we must keep a pure and kind heart.
A Disney classic based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, which tells the story of Ariel, a mermaid princess who has always been curious about the world of humans, especially when falling in love with one. After an argument with her father upon learning this, Ariel discovers that a witch can help her and goes to her in desperation.
Mulan is a young and brave girl who lives in a village with her parents and grandmother, and when she learns that the emperor in China forces all men to enlist in the army to protect the country, she decides to run away from home and pretend to be a man to protect her sick father and fight in his place.

jungle cruise

And before we start, we also remind you that YouTube has its own «pay-per-view» or movie rental platform, so we suppose that sooner or later, we will have to update this list.
Well, we are going to reveal a trick that many of these channels use, simply what they do is a list of movies … that are uploaded by others, which is a «trick» to save themselves from the bonfire and censorship of YouTube because until those responsible do not remove a video from the original source, it continues to appear on these lists.
We enter already by genres, and a very interesting one is this list with about 450 science fiction movies created by the owner of the channel jonchic2002. Again, not that most of them are very well known… but some of them from a «galaxy far, far away» have slipped in.
For lovers of another genre also in demand, horror, there are also some other lists on YouTube with plenty of material to have a «scary scary» time. Initially there were 165 movies but some have already been deleted, there are about 100 left but it is still a good amount that the user Carlos Ramirez has collected.

frozen 2

Today we bring you a comparison of the differences between the main VOD services on the market. The streaming of series and movies enjoys a very good health, so much so that there are more and more alternatives to choose from. And of course, as we can not hire them all, it is not superfluous to know the differences between what each one offers us.
And that is what we are going to do today, we are going to explain the main differences between the ‘Video On Demand’ (VOD) or streaming services. We will compare what Disney+, Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Movistar+ Lite, Filmin, Apple TV and Rakuten TV offer. We will compare not only their prices and rates, but also the types of content that each one has, their catalog, applications, and the main modes and features that give each one its personality.
Let’s start by explaining which streaming services we have chosen for this comparison. The chosen ones have been Netflix, HBO, Movistar+ Lite, Prime Video, Filmin and SKY, platforms with strong presence and a wide catalog of various types of content. These are the descriptions of the chosen platforms:

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