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MSN (short for The MicroSoft Network, stylized as msn) is a collection of Internet services offered by Microsoft. It was initially launched on August 24, 1995, to coincide with the release of Windows 95. The services provided have changed significantly since its launch. The email service was the first to be offered (until May 7, 2007 when it was replaced by Windows Live Hotmail and currently by Outlook.com), followed by the instant messaging service MSN Messenger, which in turn was replaced by Windows Live Messenger and currently by Skype.
The MSN concept was created by Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group. MSN was originally conceived in the United States as an online content service, providing proprietary content through a file folder and directory interface, integrated into Windows Explorer in Windows 95.
Free Internet access was not originally included in the classic MSN service, but was quickly offered through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser, which was available as a download from the MSN service or as part of packages for Windows 95, Plus!

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You can customize any News application screen with the icons at the bottom of the screen. You can rearrange, add or edit what appears on each screen based on the icon displayed.
In the Sources section, click the Edit icon. You can add or remove sources with the check boxes on the left edge. You can add international news sources by clicking on the globe icon, selecting the region and adding sources from as many regions as you want.
You may need to start the application to trigger the dynamic icon updates.  When you update or install the application, it may take a few seconds for the icon to update.
If you have tried the 3 basic steps at the top of this article and are still having this problem, please post feedback from within the application and provide as much detail as you can.

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On your PC or cell phone, open the web browser you use most often to access the MSN site. To do this, simply go to the address bar at the top and type the following URL: https://www.msn.com/. After doing so, you will directly access the home page of this online portal belonging to Microsoft.
Once inside, what you have to do is go to the top right and look for the option called «Sign in». Click on it to start the authentic process of logging in to your Microsoft account.

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