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We have chosen what we consider the best Android games in the free category: all are titles of the highest quality that you can enjoy without paying a euro. Perfect to entertain you for a while and even for months; that not because they are free they will not lose extension.
Genshin Impact offers high quality graphics (you need a mobile with some power to run it), the story is immense, the maps are as varied as wide and, despite being a «freemium» game, Genshin Impact can be used almost 100% without paying a penny.
It was eagerly awaited and ended up arriving almost with the entry of 2021: LoL for mobile brought with it all the excitement of 5v5 games to touch screens. And with the leap, not an iota of the essence was lost, quite an achievement for a title of its category.
League of Legends: Wild Rift maintains the aesthetics, maps and characters of the desktop version while offering fast-paced ten-player games on most mobiles. It requires a phone with some power, has no ads and allows you to squeeze the experience to the fullest without spending a penny.

league of legends: wild rift

The game in fashion is Pokémon Unite, Nintendo’s ‘LoL’. It is a 5vs5 MOBA, a truly great game with great graphics, a frenetic pace and in which you don’t need to spend a single euro to get to the top. You will conquer enemy bases while you face your rivals, evolve your Pokémon and defeat wild Pokémon.
Magic: The Gathering Arena is the adaptation of the classic Magic games to Android. It is a perfect game for beginners, as it comes with a complete tutorial that explains the mechanics to understand the game. The game is completely free, with integrated purchases.
Crash Bandicoot is already on Android and it is a spectacular game. It comes from the hand of King, developer, among others, of the famous Candy Crush. In this game we will be running non-stop dodging obstacles and defeating enemies. It is not as complete as the console versions, but it is undoubtedly addictive and a great option to pass the time.
Undoubtedly, the new benchmark in mobile video games. It is a title for PC and PS4 transferred to Android, although it is exactly the same game. Genshin Impact is an open world game, in which we will explore a gigantic map and fight against various creatures.

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Forget about social networks, messaging and streaming apps. Nothing will give you as much fun, as varied and as long as the games you can download to your cell phone. No matter what your style is; in our list of the best games for Android you will find from the simplest and most creative options to the most realistic and exciting combat games.
Bridge Constructor Portal lets you unleash your inner engineer. Your job will be to build bridges, sliding ramps and more to help the Bendies reach their destination safely. You will use a variety of resources such as repulsive gel and portals to avoid hazards and obstacles including acid, laser barriers and more. This game can be quite addictive.
Ever felt like traveling back in time and exploring the evolution of video games? With Evoland 2, that’s exactly what you’ll get: a nostalgia trip filled with fun references to all your favorite games (and consoles). The story is a classic role-playing adventure, but the action takes place in card games, 2D RPGs, 3D fights and more, and there’s over 20 hours of gameplay to keep you entertained. This game was originally released for PC, but this Android version has all the charm of the original, with its cute graphics and support for Bluetooth controls.

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Pokémon UNITE is aimed at Pokémon fans who want to have a good time participating in fast-paced battles. It offers simple mechanics that allow players to reach high skill levels without having to spend hours and hours on it.
If there is something that has always fascinated us particularly in Pokémon games are the battles, as they require preparation and strategy that forces us to give the best of ourselves. Pokémon UNITE focuses on this aspect and allows us to battle in teams of 5 against 5. Choose your Pokémon, draw up a plan of attack and form alliances with your friends to achieve victory together.
Pokémon UNITE brings with it a large number of graphical improvements compared to other installments, in addition to all the new features seen in terms of gameplay. Particularly noteworthy are the new animations and the incredible attack effects.
«Pokémon Unite comes across as a very solid MOBA game, very easy to learn and play. Even considering myself as someone who doesn’t like MOBAs, I surprised myself by really immersing myself in the rounds and discovering the tools quickly. Beautiful visuals, fun unlockables, and a good variety of play styles keep the games fresh.» (App Trigger)

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