Canciones sin letra para videos

Songs without voice just music

One of the strong points of ccMixter is that you don’t even have to create a user account to download the songs. At the top right there is a search engine where you can enter a specific term.
As its name suggests, YouTube Audio Library is a library where we will find songs and sound effects that we can include without problem in our videos. Hundreds of tracks that can be filtered by genre, duration, etc.
NoiseTrade is a platform that seeks to promote independent artists. By providing your email address you will receive emails with songs that you can freely use in your projects.
The name of this site also makes it quite clear. On Free Stock Music we have access to hundreds of free audio tracks in MP3, WAV and AIFF. You don’t need to assign the rights but to download the songs you need to create a free account.

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This platform allows you to download for free some of the songs that appear on the web, but with one condition: they can not be used in advertising or commercial work for other companies. This option also does not allow you to modify the rhythms or the power of the songs, but the catalog is varied and has different musical themes to choose from.
It offers the possibility of downloading MP3 music files without even registering on the website. It has a complete search engine in which you can choose, among others, the genre of the song: dramatic, electronic, romantic… In addition, on the home page there is a section where they are responsible for answering any questions.

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Karaoke fans are in luck. And they now have an application that will help them find even the song that most resists them to sing it as much as they want.
The application in question is called Youka and what it does is to convert any youtube video into a karaoke adaptation. In fact, the name of the application is a contraction of «Youtube to karaoke».
Youka is a free website that creates karaoke songs from any youtube video. Actually, the operation of this tool is simple. What it does is to isolate the vocals from the tracks and extract the audio lyrics from web pages.
The language selector on the side of the website only shows a couple of different options, but the creator of Youka claims that the service supports more than 108 languages. So, we don’t have to limit them to English songs, but we can let loose on karaoke with songs in many other languages.

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In this article we are going to walk you through the process of creating an effective, professional looking lyric video without having to use expensive software like Motion or After Effects.
Lyric videos are not only an excellent and reasonable way to preserve your video content for larger projects that require more complex production, but they can also be particularly fun to make.
You don’t need to be a video expert. Every time you make your own lyric videos it will be a trial and error process. A professional can probably create something much, much better obviously in half the time, but you’ll love experimenting to find ways on your own that most resonate with your style. Also, budget for the video? Nope. ;P
That leaves us with free editing tools like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The more experienced will probably scoff at these introductory editing tools, but when you put them together with a couple of tricks and creativity, I think you can create very compelling videos with a little more than what comes preloaded on most computers, tablets or smartphones.

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