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The existing offices in the town, also cited in the Cadastre, were those of a surgeon and a blacksmith, who received annually from each neighbor a sum of money so small that they had to attend to other localities of the region: the first, Cervera
and the second, among other places, El Atazar. The stores and services that the town had were those of a bakery, a tavern and an oil store, acquiring the population much of its products in the fair of Buitrago, held since medieval times after the concession made by Ferdinand IV in 1304.
Another of the measures taken by the governments of the time was the disappearance of the Communities of Villa and land, passing the mountains, at first, to be owned by the Town Councils and administered by the Ministry of Development, and then, those that were declared as alienable, to be controlled by the Ministry of Finance.
The two closest and most accessible were the Lavadero del Moral, which now occupies us, and the Lavadero de Arriba, which we will see later. In both, during the cold winters, it was necessary to break the layer of ice that formed there. However, the climate was milder in the laundries of the Dehesa de Arriba (the Hoya del Lavandero, Peralajara and the Fuente del Gallo), reason why the washerwomen frequented them more often, in spite of having to travel a greater distance.

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Robledillo de gata

It borders, to the north with Berzosa del Lozoya; to the south with Cervera de Buitrago; to the east with Puebla de la Sierra and El Atazar, and to the west with Manjirón, this one included today in the municipality of Puentes Viejas. The division of Berzosa is quite irregular, since it does not generally follow any geographical alignment, and something similar happens with that of Cervera; that of El Atazar is also artificial, but it describes a less tortuous line. Those of Puebla de la Sierra and Manjirón, on the other hand, are completely natural, coinciding with the courses of the Riato and Lozoya rivers respectively.
In the 1960s, most of the Riato river side was repopulated with pine trees, and much earlier, at the beginning of the 20th century, the area next to the Villar reservoir had been repopulated, forming part of the Casasola pine forest.
In 1612, the council of Robledillo bought, for 12,000 reales, from the neighbor of Buitrago Juan de Orozco the possessions that he had in the area of El Villar (Madrid), already depopulated, which bordered with the lands of neighbors of Robledillo, so that from then on the council and neighbors of this town were in possession of all the territory of El Villar. For the payment of the purchase, the municipality sold 1,500 feet of oaks from its Casasola pasture and a mill that it owned in the municipality of El Atazar.

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Robledillo de la sierra two lives

Greetings. Today I want to present you the new web page of the town hall of Robledillo de la Jara. A page in which the Corporation has put a lot of illusion and a lot of work. Much of that work has been Sergio, who has carried the weight of this project.
We want it to be an interactive portal. In it we will hang all the events of the day to day of the city council: plenary sessions, subsidies, banners, etc….. You can also consult other news such as changes in schedules, customs, history or photographs.
With this we intend that everyone who consults our website has an overview of our people, and for us, the citizens of Robledillo, is an agile and functional tool, thanks to the widespread use of new technologies, according to these times.

Robledillo de gatamunicipality in spain

We recommend a pleasant walk along the Camino de El Villar that leads to the dam of the same name. If it is a summer season and the water level is low, you will be able to see some of the buildings that were flooded by the reservoir.
The Church of San Pedro Apostle is the most attractive building, with a baptismal font from the 16th century. But if we walk through the village we can see the traditional horseshoeing colt, the open washhouses and a traditional well.
If you go to the Museum of the Ways of Life of the Past you will make a trip back in time to a not so distant past showing the livelihood of its inhabitants. In the works of this museum, have been unearthed, the remains of the original oven of the Tejera de Robledillo de la Jara, a vaulted enclosure, called the ‘combustion chamber’ that provided enough heat for the firing of the tiles that were placed on top. But not only this trade is shown; others such as the blacksmiths, considered one of the oldest, bakers, beekeepers, millers, shearers, or shepherds among others are shown in this museum, where audiovisuals are also projected in which you can see the process of the trades and the importance of them in the region. The museum is part of the Open Museum of the Mancomunidad del Embalse de El Atazar.

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